Amargosa Basin, by Nancy Good


The Amargosa Conservancy works to improve the biological health of the Basin through on-the-ground stewardship and restoration projects.

Desert Bighorn

Habitat Restoration

Creating healthy habitat for voles and other species.

Amargosa Tamarisk After Treatment

Tamarisk Removal

  Working to help control Tamarisk plant growth.

Beautiful Prime Habitat along the Amargosa River

Trail Construction

Developing access to special areas of the Amargosa Basin

Amargosa Conservancy Resource Monitoring

Resource Monitoring

We collect data on the Amargosa’s most unique and vulnerable resources.

Amargosa Conservancy

Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Restoration



Tecopa Water Project - Amargosa Conservancy

Tecopa Water Project

Helping to provide drinking water to local residents.

Endangered Amargosa Vole

Amargosa Vole

Come meet the endangered Amargosa Vole.

Groundwater Pumping Amargosa River

Get to Know Groundwater

In the harshest desert in North America, it all comes down to water.

Prickly Pear Cactus Blossoms

Meet the Amargosa 2020



The Amargosa Conservancy advocates for policy issues that impact the health of the Basin, from groundwater protection to industrial solar to the Amargosa River’s designation as a Wild and Scenic River.


National Conservation Lands

Proposal to designate BLM lands for preservation.

Mojave Trails Amargosa Conservancy

Mojave Trails National Monument

Mojave Trails should become a National Monument.


Utility-Scale Solar

We work with land managers and communities to protect our ecosystems and homes from inappropriately sited renewable energy projects.

Wild & Scenic River

Amargosa Wild & Scenic River

Scoping Comments for BLM Management Plan from California Wilderness Coalition

Amargosa Basin National Monument

Amargosa Basin National Monument

Proposal to designate basin for preservation.

Courtesy Campaign for the California Desert

California Desert Conservation & Recreation Act

In 2019, CDCRA legislation was passed into law, nearly a half million acres of California desert lands protected for future generations.


Know Your Representatives

Find your political representatives.

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