Explore the Amargosa


Come explore the gorgeous lands of the Amargosa.

Where is the Amargosa?


The Amargosa National Wild and Scenic River lies between Las Vegas and Death Valley.

It begins in Nevada, north of the town of Beatty, and begins it’s journey by heading southward. It collects groundwater and spring water along its way, crossing the state line into California, and staying well hidden under the surface.

The river appears at surface level near the town of Shoshone, where it picks up additional flow from Shoshone Spring. Continuing south through the town of Tecopa, the river drops into the Amargosa Canyon – a lush and dramatic place of plants, birds, and sculptured mudstone walls.

Near the Dumont Dunes, the river bends westward then north and heads for Badwater Basin in Death Valley National Park. Here the river terminates in the lowest point in North America.

Highway 127 Visitor Guide

Highway 127 Visitor Guide PDF

Explore the Amargosa


Birding in the Basin

The Amargosa basin draws birders from all over.

Endangered Amargosa Vole

Native Plants & Wildlife

Learn about the unique ecosystem of the Amargosa.

Groundwater Pumping Amargosa River

Backroads & 4WD Trails

A network of travel routes lets visitors experience broad areas of the Amargosa Basin. 

1903 building


Report on the 1903 Building


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