Our Mission

We are dedicated to the future of the Amargosa River Watershed.

A river in the desert.

Habitat for endangered species.

A community founded on eco-tourism.

The Amargosa Conservancy is dedicated to standing up for the wilds, waters, and communities of the scenic Amargosa Basin and Eastern Mojave.


Some of the ways we try to make that vision a reality are through the implementing points of our mission:

  • Make the Amargosa a priority for government land managers, and partner with them to accomplish goals of common interest.
  • Build support for the Amargosa Conservancy in local communities and among others who love the Amargosa.
  • Facilitate community engagement in environmental policy-making and endangered species conservation.
  • Promote awareness and support for conservation in the Amargosa region among political leaders in California and Nevada who represent the region at the national (Congress), state (legislature), and county (supervisors) levels.
  • Control invasive species.
  • To gather essential data to gain a clearer understanding of the water resources of the Amargosa Basin.
  • Partner with others to support economic sustainability that protects the land, water, and beauty of the Amargosa.
  • Protect key conservation target properties in the Conservancy’s area of interest through acquisition of conservation easements or outright purchase.
  • Ensure sound organizational operations and structures.


The Amargosa surface watershed.

The Amargosa surface watershed.