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Stewardship on the Desert Conservation Lands Retrospective: Tamarisk Removal
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    Wildflower Updates

    Spring 2016 has arrived in the Amargosa Basin with carpets of Wildflowers.

    Latest Posts
  • Stewardship on the Desert Conservation Lands Retrospective: Tamarisk Removal


  • Motor Vehicle Musings

    An exciting project that is just beginning is a restoration grant provided by the State of California Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Division Grants Program. It is with great pride that the Cons...

  • Rodent Restoration Ramblings

    “What’s a vole?” Is a question I have been hearing a lot from folks not intimately acquainted with the corner of the world where the Amargosa vole (Microtus californicus) is a star. I tell them it’s a...

  • Small River, Big Waves

    From our not-so-forgotten corner of the Mojave desert: Two of our major areas of work were featured in a series on climate change produced by the Desert Sun and distributed via USA Today!    ...

  • Bulrush in Blossom: Spring in the Amargosa Valley

    In late November of 2015 our Student Conservation Association AmeriCorps intern Abby Mattson set about planning a greenhouse nursery in which to grow native three square bulrush (Schoenoplectus americ...

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