Sadly, last weekend we had to cancel our planned wildflower walk due to strong winds and other inclement weather. The storm was beautiful as it came through Shoshone, but destructive as it tore down one of the greenhouses for our three-square bulrush nursery.

Double Rainbow over Shoshone Village

On the plus side though, we got more rain! This increases the likelihood that we will see a grand flower display all spring. Before the rain we were a little concerned that everything would fade out pretty quickly. Death Valley reported .32 inches of rainfall, and the flowers are really getting dense in some areas.

We plan to try again this Saturday for a wildflower walk. The group will be visiting Ibex Dunes and Saratoga Spring. The roads to access these areas do not require any special vehicle. While the walks will not be strenuous, we can’t guarantee that they are suitable for all persons. There are no trails through the flowers and the ground could be rather unstable.

If you can’t make it this Saturday or weren’t able to sign up before it was full, consider joining our February 21st event or another event on the 28th that will focus on photography of wildflowers!

Below is a teaser for you of some of the flowers we have seen. Our staff and interns have taken these photos while out exploring.

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