The Death Valley Superbloom continues! In the last couple weeks it has even expanded – growing further north in the valley, and extending further into the Shoshone side of the Amargosa Basin. With a little bit of hunting, the flower enthusiast can find many treats within the grand displays of gold.


Our director, Patrick, went out with friends to search for the rare and endemic Death Valley monkeyflower (Mimulus rubicola). According to Wikipedia:

Mimulus rupicola is endemic to the northern Mojave Desert within Inyo County, in eastern California.[1]

Although quite rare, the Death Valley monkeyflower can be found in shaded limestone crevices on steep canyon walls in the mountains bordering Death Valley, and the sky islands in the northern Mojave Desert.

photo by P.Donnelly

Patrick and friends found some stunning specimens in a desert canyon somewhere to the north of Shoshone.


Far from fading, the flowers just continue to show and show. Don’t hesitate to visit the area and go explore. It’s truly stunning!

What treasures have you found in the Amargosa Basin?

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