Highlights from Meet the Amargosa 2018

Join Us for a Weekend to Experience the Amargosa River and Basin.

Meet the Amargosa 2019 is set to be our best event yet!
October 25-27th, Tecopa, CA

The Meet the Amargosa seminar and festival brings people together to experience and learn about the natural world and history in the Amargosa Region. It takes place over three days, with a happy hour gathering Friday night, then presentations and field experiences on Saturday, followed by a dinner celebration. Sunday wraps up the event with optional more adventurous field opportunities, self-guided tours, and a restoration activity.

Many of our presentations this year focus on the theme of geology. You’ll have a chance to learn about the long history of the land and take field trips to see an overview of some the special features of the area. AC board member Bill Neill will present the general geology of the region, Andy Zdon returns for an update about the hydrological study of the area, and we are tentatively arranging for a presentation on the seismology of the region!

We’ll also be celebrating 25 years of the California Desert Protection Act, and 10 years of the Amargosa Wild and Scenic River.

We hope you can join us for a fun, beautiful, and educational weekend in October!

Event Information

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Description and Schedule


The Event

Meet the Amargosa brings people together to learn about and celebrate the Amargosa River and Basin. The presentations and field trips are meant to enhance your enjoyment of the region by providing you with new knowledge and sparking your curiosity. We hope that you leave the event with a feeling of community, of participation, and of a desire to share this amazing place with others that you know.


Have you noticed the striking layers of various colors of rocks all over the Amargosa Basin? Did you hear that seven additional miles were added to the Amargosa Wild and Scenic River this year? Themes for our event this year are looking at geology and celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Amargosa Wild and Scenic River. We’ll also touch on current threats to the region, updates on the science we’ve been working on recently, and some human history of the area.


All in all, we want you to have fun and learn something!

The Schedule

Friday Night Happy Hour and Ice Cream Social 4-8pm
6 pm – official kick off opening remarks

Saturday Main Event 8am Start

Breakfast 7 – 8 am

8am Opening Speakers,
Intro to the oldest Geology of the Region
845-9 Travel Time
9-11 Field Session 1: Choose from one of three options – Geology Driving Tour, Amargosa Vole in the Tecopa Marshes, or China Ranch Trail walk and policy talk
11-12 Lunch and Siesta
12-2 Field Session 2: Choose from one of three options – Geology Driving Tour, Amargosa Vole in the Tecopa Marshes, or China Ranch Trail walk and policy talk
2.30- 5.45 Special Presentations: Continuing Geological History, Death Valley Scotty reenactment,Hydrogeological Update,  possible Seismology talk.
6pm Dinner
Silent Auction Wrap-up
Music and Campfire

Sunday Sessions

Early Birding Hour (space limited)
8-Noon Field Trips: Choose one – so far options are the following: Nopah Range Botany Exploration (strenuous), Salt Hills Geology Tour (drive to trail head, then short walk to the hills- easy/moderate), Tree Planting in the Amargosa Canyon (moderate).

Please Bring with You to the Event

Cash – to purchase beer, wine, or fizzy water.

This is one way that we can make back a little money to pay for event costs. Saturday dinner will include water or tea, but if you want anything more, we hope you will purchase it from us.

Your Checkbook, or more cash – for anything you purchase at the silent auction.

Hat, waterbottle, sunscreen, and bag or backpack, and anything else you might want or need for spending time out in the sun – for field sessions. A folding chair for field sessions is also not a bad idea.

Food and Lodging

Food at the Event – Lunch/Dinner included for Saturday. Breakfast optional add-on to registration.

This year will once again feature catering from local restaurant Steaks and Beer for dinner on Saturday night. There will be loads of options to fill your belly – salad, grilled vegetables, a vegetarian main course, steak for the carnivores, bread and dessert. The meal should accommodate most dietary needs, but we can’t promise it will fit yours exactly.


Sack lunches will be provided for Saturday since field trips will take most participants out and away from the center of town.


You can choose to add breakfast to your registration for a small additional cost. Breakfast will be tasty and filling, though we are working out the exact details still.

Group Event Camping

This year we encourage everyone who likes camping to join us onsite in the Tecopa Hot Springs Campground. This way we hope to get to know each other a little better and we can have a campfire and continue any interesting discussions from the day! Camping is $10/person/night and you can choose Friday or Saturday night or both. Just add camping to your event registration.

Other Lodging Options

If camping just isn’t your jive, there are of course traditional hotels in both Shoshone and Tecopa, as well as a small selection of AirBnB type rentals.

Click for More Lodging Options



BLM Camping

Dry camping is allowed on BLM land for up to 14 days at a time. If it is not Shoshone, Tecopa or Death Valley NP, the majority of the land is BLM. A great resource are the Desert Access Guides (DAGs). https://www.blm.gov/site-page/media-center/public-room/california/public-room-maps-sale

Our area is found on the Owlshead map section. Purchasing a physical map is recommended if camping in the area, particularly due to lack of cell service.


  • Various options

Death Valley

Volunteers Needed

Help make the event a success and get a discount on your event registration

After you complete your sign up for volunteer slots, we will email you a code for a discount on your registration based on the credits you get from volunteering. This may take us a few days, but we’ll get it to you!

About the Location


Meet the Amargosa takes place in and around the town of Tecopa, CA. This location allows us access to many of the more unique features that define the Amargosa River and Basin, including incredible scenery, places to visit, and access to rare and endemic species. It also is one of the few developed areas of the Basin, with hotels, campgrounds, and restaurants to serve MtA attendees.

The nearest major town is Pahrump, NV, and the nearest major commercial airport is Las Vegas, about 90 miles to the east of Tecopa.

Wind and other Weather

Last year we had scattered thunderstorms. The year before was quite warm. Typical weather for this time of year is not too hot, not too cold, not too windy, not too stormy. But, any of those things could happen.

The biggest surprise for people not used to spending time in the desert is often the wind. The forecast may seem totally clear and pleasant, but even a light wind can wreak havoc on a campsite left unprepared or a hat that is fitted a little too loose.


This is primarily an outdoor event, and as with any time spent outdoors, certain things must be considered. We won’t pretend to make an exhaustive list of everything to watch out for, but encourage you to be aware of what’s around you, be prepared any of the usual weather conditions, and drive safely on your way to and from the event!


There is generally no cell service in the Tecopa/Shoshone area. If there is an emergency, you will need to find a landline phone to call for help, or use WiFi calling if you have a connection. 911 service is available. The nearest hospital is in Pahrump, though more traumatic injuries would require transportation to Las Vegas.

Event Check-In

Please check-in for the event when you arrive in the Tecopa area. This way we can provide you with the event booklet and final schedule and answer any questions. You will also be able to drop off your silent auction item(s), have a snack or a drink with us, and get acquainted with the event venue and camping.

Friday Arrivals

When you arrive in the Tecopa area, please come check-in at the event venue and join us for drinks.

Pull in to the Tecopa Community Center parking area and campground. Park near the road, but walk around to the back side of the Community Center and you will see our big event tent. Check-in is just inside of this tent. We will open check-in starting at 4pm and continue until 8pm.

Saturday Morning Arrivals

We would love it if you could check in Friday night and join us for part of the happy hour and event kick off gathering. However, we understand that travel plans might not allow this. If you need to check in Saturday morning we will have someone at the check-in table during breakfast and leading up to the opening presentation.

Register for the 2019 Meet the Amargosa Festival Here